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Tenant Newsletter

Payment of Rent

All rental payments are due and payable on the first (1st) day of each month. Your rent is considered late if it is received after the 1st. Any rent received after the 5th of the month will be charged a 5% late fee, and must be included with that month's rent. Any rent not received in this office by 5:00 p.m. on the 5th of the month will result in rent court action, which will result in an additional fee to you for court costs. All rental payments are to be sent to 809 GLENEAGLES COURT, SUITE 119, TOWSON, MD 21286. If you have any questions regarding your account please contact us at (410) 661-0909 x100.

Maintenance Procedures

If you have a maintenance request, you will need to speak with the maintenance manager who is in the office Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. If not available, e-mail your request to maintenance@ss-propertysolutions.com or leave your name, number, address, and maintenance request on the maintenance voicemail and your call will be returned within the hour. Maintenance can be reached at (410) 661-0909 x101.

If you have a non-emergency request on Saturday or Sunday, leave the maintenance request on the maintenance voicemail or e-mail and we will return your call on Monday morning. An emergency maintenance request after 5:00 p.m. during the week, on Saturday or Sunday, or holidays, should be left on the emergency line. This number is the same as the office number (410) 661-0909 and follow the voice prompts. If you press #3 when the automated attendant begins his greeting you will be instructed to leave a message. This message will page the appropriate person and your call will be returned. Be sure to leave your name, phone number, address, and nature of the problem. The company WILL NOT reimburse for repairs ordered without our prior approval. The Property Management department uses sub-contractors for repairs. We do not guarantee how quickly these companies respond. We will assign work as soon we receive it, and response time should be comparable to or better than that you would receive by calling yourself.

Emergency Calls

Emergency calls will be accepted for the following items:

  • FIRE ***CALL 911 FIRST***

All other items should be called in during regular business hours. If you call the emergency line with something other than an emergency your call will not be returned and your account will be charged $50.00. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Filters & Batteries

It is the responsibility of the Tenant to change the furnace filter in January, April, July, and October. It is also the responsibility of the Tenant to periodically check the smoke detectors (we suggest weekly), to ensure proper working operation. If the battery is dead, it is the tenant's responsibility to install batteries. If the detector is still not operational, Tenant is to notify the office in order to obtain a new one.


You are responsible for putting utilities (excluding water bill) in your name for billing, prior to your moving into the property. Unless otherwise indicated, tenants are responsible for all utilities (including water). When we receive the water bill we will pay it and add the amount to your next month's rent. If you fail to send the water bill amount with your rent we will pursue rent court action. Billings received by you for a time period prior to the commencement of your lease should be sent to our office immediately. We will pro-rate the bill and let you know the amount you owe, if any.

Move-Out Procedure

If at the end of the term of the Lease, or any time thereafter, you want to terminate the Lease, you are required to give this office 60 day written notice. The 60-day written notice constitutes 2 rental pay periods. All rents cover from the 1st day of the month through the last day of the month. For example if you sent us 60-day written notice on March 1, you would be responsible for payment of rent through May 31st. Rents will not be pro-rated for the last month of occupancy.

Once you move out completely, leaving the property broom clean and have all trash and debris, removed, a final walk thru will be done. The utilities must remain on until the walk thru is complete. If the utilities are not on for the walk thru, we will arrange to have them turned on and this cost will be deducted from your security deposit.

If you move with a balance still owed the amount will remain due until you pay it in full. Just because you move, does not erase the debt. If there is any damage or repairs necessary once you move, the cost will be added to the amount of rent, late fees, and court costs that you owe. Your security deposit will be deducted from this balance. If there is still a balance after the security deposit is deducted, we will send you a bill. At the same time, your account will be turned over to our collection agency. This agency will add a 47% collection fee to your balance. We will also file, notice with the credit bureau and proceed in civil court to place a judgment against you. The collection process will include garnishment of your wages and attachment of your personal property and income tax refund. We intend to collect the money you owe. It is in your own best interest to get us paid before the collection agency gets you on file.

The move-out inspection will be done within five (5) days of move-out. Your keys must be returned to our office my midnight on the last day of your lease term. We will not consider the property vacated until the keys have been returned. Additional rent will be deducted from your security deposit for each additional day the keys are held.

The Property Manager or Leasing Agent will inspect the property using the original Move-In/Move-Out report which was given to you when you moved into the property. We have prepared a checklist for you to use. Check each item as you complete it. The return of your security deposit will depend upon your cooperation. The deposit will be returned to you within 45 days of move-out. If it is necessary for the Property Manager or Leasing Agent to order maintenance or cleaning, for which security deposit will be held, your deposit return will be delayed.

Move-Out Checklist


This is the most common cause of security deposit deductions. Allow yourself enough time to clean thoroughly. Do items which require time, such a s oven, shower stall, and yard work, before the actual move. Remember that you will be concentrating on getting unpacked at the other end. Don't leave heavy cleaning until moving day. Moving does stir up dirt so don't send all of your cleaning supplies ahead. You will need to do a light cleaning after the movers leave.

  • Cut the grass and trim all shrubs.
  • Remove all trash and debris from the house and yard.
  • Clean all storage areas and buildings. Remove all of your belongings.
  • Clean all gutters, stairwells, window wells, driveway and carport. These areas must be left free of leaves and other clogging materials.
  • Sweep porch, patio, deck, breezeway and garage.
  • Wipe all woodwork. Remove fingerprints from light switch plates, door frames, and walls in heavy traffic areas.
  • Wipe out all drawers and cupboards. Thoroughly clean counter tops.
  • Clean the oven, drip pans (replace if needed), and range top. Be sure all cleaner is wiped off of the stove and oven surfaces. DO NOT USE OVEN CLEANER ON CONTINUOUS CLEANING OVENS. Refer to the oven cleaning instructions or check with the property manager if you are unsure about the type of oven you have. Damage caused by oven cleaner could result in a major charge for replacing a stove.
  • Clean range hood inside and out. Be sure that it is grease free. Replace the fan filter if it is excessively dirty.
  • Defrost and wipe out the refrigerator and freezer. This takes time so do it ahead of the move. A quick wipe on moving day should leave it clean. Be sure to clean under the crisper drawers. LEAVE THE REFRIGERATOR ON WHEN YOU LEAVE. Turning if off will cause it to mildew and it will have to be cleaned again. Wipe the grill and floor around the refrigerator. Empty and clean the drip pan (replace if needed).
  • Thoroughly clean and wax all floors which require wax. Be sure that you do not leave cleaner on the floor. Wipe all baseboards and under cabinets.
  • Vacuum all carpets. If carpets are excessively dirty or stained, you will be charged for a shampooing. We do not recommend that you shampoo the carpets with a rented machine. The quality of professional cleaning is noticeably better. If you have questions about carpet cleaning, ask the property manager.
  • Wash windows, shades, and curtains. Have draperies cleaned. Wipe off window sills. If mold and mildew have developed, it must be removed.
  • Clean all sinks. Be sure that no cleanser residue remains.
  • Clean all bath fixtures. Clean the commode inside and out. Be sure to check around the base of the toilet. A towel wipe after cleaning will leave them cleanser free and will shine the chrome.
  • Clean the shower stall. This includes the wall tiles, caulking, glass doors, and tracks.
  • Empty and wipe out the medicine cabinet and vanity.
  • Clean the fireplace and all fireplace equipment.
  • Replace furnace filters.
  • Vacuum lint from washer, dryer, and hot water heater area. Wash off the washer and dryer, especially where soap may have accumulated.
  • Check ceiling areas and corners for cobwebs.


Your lease requires you to notify the office of any needed repair within 48 hours. If needed repairs are noted on the move-out inspection, you will be responsible for the entire cost of repair. If you have any questions about your liability for a needed repair, call the property manager and discuss the specific problem.

  • Replace any light bulbs which are burned out. Special bulbs may take time to locate. Don't wit until the last minute. All light fixtures should be clean.
  • Check items you are responsible for replacing, such as bent or torn screens, broken glass, and mirrors. Have these repaired ahead of time.
  • If you have used anchor screws or toggle bolts to hang things on the walls, you will need to repair the holes. These should be spackled, sanded, and the entire wall painted to match the rest of the room. DO NOT SPACKLE NAIL HOLES. DO NOT SPOT PAINT OR TOUCH-UP.


UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THE UTILITIES BE TURNED OFF. Contact this office to coordinate the transfer of utilities. It is required that you, as tenant, and we, as management, both contact the utility companies.

  • LEAVE ALL BREAKERS ON. There is no need to turn any breakers off.
  • IF YOU MOVE IN THE WINTER, LEAVE THE HEAT ON. It is very important that the heat remain on in a vacant property to avoid freeze up of the plumbing. Leave the heat on the lowest setting, 60-65 degrees, but there must be heat.
  • IF YOU MOVE IN THE SUMMER, LEAVE THE AIR-CONDITIONER ON. Mold and mildew can build up on walls if the property is closed up without air-conditioning during periods of high humidity or rain. Set the thermostat on 80 degrees.
  • Make sure all doors are windows are locked.


Pay your final month rent. The security deposit does not include the rent for your last month.

Security Deposit Return

If you follow these basic instructions, there should not have to be any deductions from your security deposit. Remember to allow yourself plenty of time for cleaning and repairs. Do not leave something for us to repair because you ran out of time. We do use subcontractors with hourly rates that add up quickly. If would be a shame to be billed for simple things like changing light bulbs.

Be sure that we have a phone number where you can be reached. Please do not call the office daily to check on the status of your deposit. Every phone call that we take leaves less time to process the security deposit return. We do not want to hold your deposit any longer than necessary. We make every effort to return all deposits within 30 days and if you follow the guidelines above and no maintenance must be ordered which requires deductions from the deposit, we can often return the deposit sooner.

Move-Out Cost Schedule


If prior to moving out you do not clean the items listed below and leave them in satisfactory working order, the following charges will be deducted from your security deposit or owed to us if your security deposit is insufficient to cover the charges. You will be charged the listed amount for each instance in which a listed item must be cleaned or repaired. The prices given for the items listed below are average prices only. If the Owner incurs a higher cost for cleaning or repairing an item, you will be responsible for paying the higher cost. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list; you can be charged for cleaning or repairing items that are not on the list.


Oven $  30.00
Drip pans $    2.00
Stove and vent-a-hood $  10.00
Dishwasher $  10.00
Cabinet and counter-tops $  30.00


Shower doors $  15.00
Toilet(s) $  10.00
Tub/Shower(s) $  20.00
Sinks/Cabinets/Counter tops $  35.00


Window coverings (drapes, blinds) $  50.00
Carpet cleaning $100.00
Carpet repairs $100.00
Trash removal $  60.00
Wallpaper removal $150.00
Painting $200.00
Tile floors $  25.00
Holes in wall $  75.00


If any items are missing or damaged to the point that they must be replaced when you move out, you will be charged for the current cost of the item, plus labor and service charges. A representative list of replacement charges is provided below. These are average prices. If the Owner incurs a higher cost for replacing an item, you will be responsible for playing the higher cost. Please note that this is not an all-inclusive list; you can be charged for the replacement of items that are not on the list.

Window glass $150.00
Patio glass doors $150.00
Window screens $  35.00
Patio screens $100.00
Mailbox keys (lost or not returned) $  25.00
Door keys (lost or not returned) $  35.00
Fire extinguisher (1-1/2 lb size) $  35.00
Ice Trays $    3.00
Crisper covers $  15.00
Refrigerator shelves/racks $  30.00
Disposal $  30.00
Mirrors (bath) $  60.00
Doors $100.00
Light fixtures $  50.00
Light bulbs $    1.00
Counter tops $250.00

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